Breakaway Partners Announces Investment in IDentical, to help revolutionize tooth replacement technologies worldwide

Breakaway Partners, a San Diego-based early-stage investment company focusing on underrepresented founders, announces investment in IDentical. iDentical leverages 3D technology to make drill-free dental implants that are non-invasive, faster, and more affordable than current drill-and-screw dental implants and can be done by any dentist.

The Company’s patent-pending technology enables the creation of a replacement tooth root modeled from the patient’s tooth. Within a week of a tooth extraction, a dentist can insert the iDentical implant into the existing socket site without a drill or chance of misplacement.

Tooth loss is still a significant issue, according to the American College of Prosthodontists, approximately 178 million adults in the US are missing at least one tooth, and about 40 million are missing all their teeth. It gets worse as we age, as 30 percent of adults between 65 and 74 years old have no natural teeth.

Due to their predictability and durability, dental implants are currently the most popular treatment choice. However, fewer than 2% of those impacted by tooth loss can benefit from the surgery because of cost, access, or medical conditions that make them ineligible. The market for dental implants is currently valued at $3.77 billion (7.2% CAGR). As the population ages, this market will continue to expand.

The current procedure involves drilling a hole into the patient’s jawbone, which can cause irreparable nerve damage (13% incidence), takes 8-10 months to complete, and costs up to $6,000 per tooth, making dental implants inaccessible to most people who need them. IDentical is differentiated from all traditional dental implant companies. It is the only Company that offers a drill-free, personalized dental implant that any general dentist can provide with minimal training.

“Enhancing access to revolutionary health and wellness solutions is one of our key investment themes for us at Breakaway,” commented Zeynep Ilgaz, Partner at Breakaway. “We have been impressed by IDentical’ s technology to address a significant pain point in the dental space. In an industry that has not changed in over 50 years, its revolutionary design and no-drill technology are a much-needed improvement. We look forward to working with the Iris and the IDentical team during this time of significant company growth.”

“We are delighted to include Breakaway Partners in iDentical’ s Pre-A Round of financing. They have been a fantastic partner and a wonderful addition to our community of investors. Breakaway Partners’ support will help us to reach our next key milestone as we continue on our journey to revolutionize tooth replacement worldwide.” Said Iris Wedeking, MBA, co-founder, and CEO of IDentical.

About Breakaway Partners

Breakaway Partners is a founder-focused investment company that mentors and funds early-stage companies that have created products or services that are disruptive in their industry. Our goal is to help our portfolio companies get their ideas to market. We devote our time, expertise, connections, and capital to helping companies grow successfully. We have a focus on investing in underrepresented Companies in the following industries: Health and Wellness, SaaS, digital identity, and fintech.

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About IDentical

IDentical is revolutionizing tooth replacement with its personalized, drill-free dental implant. Compared to traditional dental implants, iDentical reduces the risk of nerve damage from 13% to s own tooth. For patients, a traditional dental implant requires an invasive and arduous process; for dentists, becoming trained to place implants requires hundreds of hours of additional training after dental school. iDentical has the mission of making dental implants more accessible for both dentists and patients.

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