Breakaway Partners announces its investment in Corral Data, the first end-to-end platform for non-technical teams that connects, collaborates, and leverages metrics that drive results

Breakaway Partners, an early-stage investment company focusing on underrepresented founders, announces investment in CorralData. the world’s first end-to-end, collaborative data platform for non-technical users—making it easy for ambitious teams to connect with and use the metrics that matter to drive results.

CorralData simplifies the entire data experience. Their all-in-one data hub effortlessly connects organizations to metrics that matter—so every employee can use relevant data to collaborate, act, and drive results. All for less time and cost than traditional data management.

Today more than ever, businesses must rely on effective, data-informed decisions to succeed. It’s become so critical that 97% of companies are now investing in data and analytics—with a projected industry growth of $420 billion by 2027 according to Statista. Yet, 93% of those same companies are failing to actualize their goal of becoming data-driven because of significant roadblocks: impossible talent wars and infrastructure costs, increasing technical complexity, and the difficulty of onboarding non-technical teams to a data-driven culture.

Despite the need for democratized data, most of the existing data ecosystem continues to be built by data engineers and experts for data engineers and experts. This results in the continuation of disparate platforms, siloed data, ineffective decision-making, and disempowered teams across hundreds of thousands of businesses looking for a better solution within the data and analytics industry.

CorralData serves the large whitespace of organizations who are desperately seeking a way to get a handle and leverage their data, but never have enough data strategists, engineers, or scientists.

“Most companies fail to become data-driven because of real roadblocks like hiring data engineers, integrating disparate platforms, or the change management necessary to build a data-driven culture,” says Alex Lirtsman, CEO and co-founder. “CorralData is closing that gap by automating what’s normally a very costly and complex process and making it accessible to non-technical users from the ground up so more employees can use metrics that matter to drive results.” He continued.

“We at Breakaway Partners are delighted to be part of CorralData’s institutional round.” says Serhat Pala, co-founder and partner at Breakaway Partners. “The all-in-one data hub will bring people, data, and goals together to empower teams and transform organizations.” He continued.

“Thanks to Breakaway Partners, CorralData was able to close our first institutional round,” says Alex Lirtsman. “This critical milestone will propel CorralData’s transition from private alpha to public beta, allowing us to both meet the demand of our growing waitlist and further scale the platform.”

About Breakaway Partners

Breakaway Partners is a founder-focused investment company that mentors and funds early-stage companies that have created products or services that are disruptive in their industry. Our goal is to help our portfolio companies get their ideas to market. We devote our time, expertise, connections, and capital to helping companies grow successfully. We have a focus on investing in underrepresented Companies in the following industries: Health and Wellness, SaaS, digital identity, and fintech.
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About CorralData

CorralData is the world’s first end-to-end, collaborative data platform for non-technical users—making it easy for ambitious teams to connect with and use the metrics that matter to drive results. CorralData’s complete, no-code platform seamlessly integrates with 120+ common sources of data, automates the entire data extraction and onboarding process, and empowers teams with intuitive collaboration tools to propel data-driven cultures within organizations.

With a simple setup that takes just days instead of months or years, CorralData puts the power of data into the hands of managers and employees—not just tech teams—and saves the average organization 1,920 hours of integration time and $360,000 in platform costs alone compared to traditional solutions.

Learn more or sign up for a free 30-day trial at

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